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Old Town Chinatown, Oregon, Multnomah


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Brandy Bell is a Certified Health Coach and a graduate of Mindfulness Fundamentals. She specializes in relaxation, stress reduction, and empowerment techniques. Her calling is to inspire others to implement self-care routines and create boundaries that allow for their authentic selves to shine through.

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2 January 2019

It was really great sitting down and looking at what I want to do and feels good having goals that are achievable. Learning to listen to my body about hunger and eating consciously resulted in me eating healthier and an added bonus of losing 10 lbs.

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I love exploring how everyone is so unique and amazing. We often forget how amazing we are and my favorite thing is returning others to that state of balance where we become in flow again and darkness is not all that we see.

I went through a long period with chronic pain and depression. When I became certified as a coach, I wanted to focus on helping others one:one. I began my own company because I want to spark the revolution of care.

Brandy Bell has always been deeply committed to providing outstanding service. Her professional living has been as an office manager in higher education, where she mentored and trained college students, and as an order management guru and customer support professional for life-saving medical implants. Her college job was in hospitality and an amazing mentor taught her the foundation of her dedicated service mantra: “It’s my pleasure.” It truly is her pleasure to be in service for others.

She guides with compassion and deep listening; inspiring and motivating others to connect with their unique goals. She believes in the women she has the honor to meet 100%—meeting them where they are. She inspires self-love, empowerment, and curiosity and she invites you to join her for a 60-minute Exploration Session. In this session, we will really dig deep. I will ask a lot of questions because I want to understand where you are on your health journey. It’s an opportunity to build a bridge and discover getting you where you want to go.



Hosted by Certified Health Coach, Brandy Bell, this reset is all about nourishment, self-care and healing. You’re invited to hold a space for your mind, heart, and body this season! It’s unlike other cleanses, there are no supplements to take or juices you have to drink! We will focus on a gentle elimination diet, movement, and self-care principles with 1:1 coaching.
This whole-foods approach will allow your body to eliminate toxins, reduce inflammation, and increase nutrient absorption. Invite your friends, work buddies are encouraged! You will get new recipes, tips for success, and feel the power of your body.

The 90-Day Energy Transformation Program: three-month intimate, supportive coaching program to help you bring your gut, heart, and mind together—empowering you to achieve your goals and genuinely smile at yourself in the mirror.